Responses to Tips for Social Media

1. Name some effective ways for journalists to use social media (no more  than 250 words).

a. Re-broadcast messages from those that are actually on the front lines. A great example is NPR’s Andy Carvin (@acarvin), who retweets messages from those that are demonstrating during the Arab Spring, and consequently raises awareness, helps demonstrators connect and share resources.

b. Humanize their brand. Octavia Nasr (@octavianasr) tweets about motherhood, travels, etc. in addition to her journalistic tweets. These help us get to know the person behind the mic and connect at a more meaningful level.

c. Engagement. Twitter is a good way of understanding how your audience feels about a certain issue, and could also be used to generate ideas. Shreeya Sinha (@shreeyasinha) does this well.

2. Over a one-week period, you might send out dozens of tweets. Please cut and paste a representative sample of 10 tweets you actually sent out any time after Thursday, Aug. 4. These should reflect the kind of tweets you send on a regular basis.

Bruised leg=An afternoon of sport reading An old gem from @newyorker Jordan’s moment

Brilliant. Craigslist Missed Connections, visualized @BennettKlein

“there is no sound quite like a mother’s wail when she sees her son’s executed. It surrounds the room.” @storycorps with #cuj12

@ErinCauchi Rejoice, keen one. RT @NiemanLab With its new iPad app, The Atlantic unifies its brand

RT @gigiogidi #slapyourself if you think Ramadan Mubarak is the son of Hosni Mubarak

@JRubinBlogger Have some shame. Your “jihadist hydra” behind the Norway attacks was actually a devout right-wing conservative.

Repulsive. The “Jihadist hydra” being indicted for the Norway massacre by a trigger-happy media..

@Lina18 Keefik? We had the @StoryCorps guy come speak to us today, wow 🙂…

RT @rahulbose1 : irony. indian bowlers to Cook. but Cook makes a meal of Indian bowlers.

Whoops my bad @newswithnasr‘ Return of the Trequartista’, an amazing bit of footie writing by fellow #cuj12 ‘r @suhrith

3. Please identify five journalists’ Twitter accounts that you have started following after Thursday, Aug. 4.  List each handle and describe, in a sentence why you are following that person.

a. Deborah Amos (@deborahamos)- Middle East correspondent for NPR News. Deborah helped us edit our radio spots in radio skills class and since I’ve fallen love with radio and would like to work in the Middle East, following Deb was a natural choice.

b. Zaheer Cassim (@mrcassim)- J-School grad & Associate Editor at The Blaze. Zaheer is a good guy to learn from when it comes to creating a rapport with people.

c. Vadim Lavrusik (@lavrusik)- Journalism Program Manager at Facebook. Vadim is involved in the future of digital media journalism and helps me keep with the industry.

d. Anup Kaphle (@anupkaphle): Online editor for World & National Security at the Washington Post. Following Anup is a great way to get international breaking news, quickly and reliably.

e. Alex Crawford (@alexcrawfordsky): Sky News Special Correspondent. Alex is an incredibly courageous journalist who gives one a sense of what it feels like from the front lines.
4. Name some ways your use of Facebook might change now that you are in J-school (no more than 150 words).

I will be more guarded about the information that I share on my personal profile. However, I will take advantage of initiatives such as Journalists on Facebook and will build a public page that can be recommended and shared. I will build my identity as a journalist by sharing links, publishing posts, and asking questions that engage.




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